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Request list
Minseok highlighs in 2013(here)
Kyungsoo edit for snadra (here)
・Sexing edit for anon [thinking]
・Mermaid Xiuhun (gfx) [krisho style]
・Fairies Xiuhan (gfx) [chenhun style]
・Xiuhan edit involving woodman!luhan [thinking]
・Xiuhan edit Supernova fic

when you get an autograph from your oppar…

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#oppar will never love you


exo members names according to google voice search

(i used their real names yeah)

insp by this

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#another one? #in this fandom we need to make sure thee thing doesn't repeat lol

EXO member names according to Google Voice Search (isp. by x) searched by birth names (except chen oops)

EXO member names according to Google Voice Search (isp. by x) searched by birth names (except chen oops)

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jongbutt for kaiternity ♥

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#buuuuutttttt ouo


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#i stan this gayness #jackson is everything i want to be #and although yijeong is not who I would like to grope i can accept it either way


date a boy who is tall. date a boy who has a nice voice and will sing to you softly. date a boy who raps too. date a boy who hands big hand and feet. date a boy who quit his oppressive job to pursue acting and then takes a steaming shit on his ex-company. date a boy who will take you to a secret place, drop the shades and crank the bass. date kris wu. 

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director: okay kyungsoo i want you to glance down at his crotch while you guys piss in the bathroom

kyungsoo: ex...cuse me?

director: just do it

kyungsoo: alright then

kyungsoo: /glances down/

/phone starts ringing/

kyungsoo: pardon me, lemme just get this

kyungsoo: hello?

jongin: hyUNG


jongin: HYUNG STOP

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#i feel this pic so much #chen is the cool you show to the public #and then there is minseok #spirit animal
Anónimo: is it just me or does red velvet's teaser sound a little bit like that one part in brown eyed girls' abracadabra i love it

the only similarity those 2 songs have is that both say la la la but I don’t think more xd

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#tbh the la la la part is ok #but then like they scream that happiness thing and nope #i think that im srly not liking them debut #too much cute concept for my liking #anon #ask


if you ever think about sending me an ask and decide not to cause “oh she doesn’t care” or “oh I don’t want to bother her” literally I’m the loneliest piece of shit you can find and would still love you if you sent me the word nuzzle over and over again

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chanyeol first attempt to hit on oh sehun: a short story

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#Im gonna follow you until you love me senpai

안녕히 가세요~~

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#hoseok tshirt enhance his boobs

140727: kyungsoo pulling down his jeans to cover his ankles ♡

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#bend and snap

make me choose; asked by zxyrtz
♡ Sehun or Xiumin

make me choose; asked by zxyrtz

Sehun or Xiumin

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#this exact ''make me chose'' would be my major fear #this one and ''xiuhan or xiuhun?''
Anónimo: she sings a song with henry it's called butterfly ^ ^

omg, it’s from henry’s album isn’t it? I still haven’t had time to hear his whole album ;n; but I will make sure to pay extra attention to that one song ouo

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