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Minseok highlighs in 2013(here)
Kyungsoo edit for snadra (here)
・Sexing edit for anon [thinking]
・Mermaid Xiuhun (gfx) [krisho style]
・Fairies Xiuhan (gfx) [chenhun style]
・Xiuhan edit involving woodman!luhan [thinking]
・Xiuhan edit Supernova fic


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still cute no matter what

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we are different 

we are different 

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I wonder when people in my school are gonna realize i’m internet famous.

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#snorts im not internet famous tho xd

Xing’s dance ritual before going into haunted house

Xing’s dance ritual before going into haunted house

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plot twist: jimin has all the jams and namjoon is just jealous
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Anónimo: ;;; the only reason i didn't want kris to leave was because i was afraid they'd break their relationship that they built up for years. i started stanning them bc of their interactions, not bc of their talents, music or looks, so i was devastated. and i was furious bc this person was putting the blame on OUR fandom and accusing OUR FELLOW FANS that we don't support kris bc exo doesn't support him. even if they accept him, they'd probs do it privately ;;

That person is obviously really wrong because I know a lot of EXO-Ls that still support yifan like the first day, being a fan of a group doesn’t mean that you have to think the same way as them (totally not saying that exo hates yifan, I don’t know them personally so I can’t know what they feel about it). If you love yifan you have the right to still love yifan while also loving exo at the same time, same way you can choose to only love exo or only love yifan.

Like srly people can love whoever they want and that postor should stop trying to force his/her opinion on the rest of the fandom.

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#For me was different from you #because I never stan a group only because the personality/interactions. #Either way I also ended up devastated when yifan went away #because thought them music I fell in love with them and them brotherhood #and seeing it break was just painful. #I support them all #I want yifan and exo to be happy and fulfil them dreams #anon #ask

Sekai/Kaihun appreciation post part 1 {◕ ◡ ◕} ( part 2 )

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too much negative shit going on so i’m just gonna start rumors i like

sehun is batman

i knew it

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baby ;;

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xodult: I'm so annoyed with ppl making stuff up. There's even people talking about Luhan or even Sehun leaving and I'm like "???? What are you even saying"

Yes, I have heard both. Luhan leaving because he is sick and then sehun leaving because he unfollowed everyone in instagram like -

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Anónimo: it's not even cool because this is what the postor wrote about the luhan and kris thing: "Let’s get this straight cause it seems so EXO-L don’t understand. This is Luhan. Anyone that knows Luhan OR even glances at a picture of him knows this is Luhan. What the fuck, why can’t you accept EXO still supports WYF? Just cause’ you don’t see his whole face, you FUCKING KNOW this is Luhan. You just don’t want to believe the truth. " like what the hell i was so damn pissed

It’s funny because the one who doesn’t seem to believe the truth is the postor. Like, being completely serious, even tho I don’t want to admit it(deep on the inside I still want them to be good friends and I’m not gonna lie), the most probable scenario is that the exo members are still mad at yifan. He left them (he had his reasons tho even if I don’t understand them) a week before them first concert (event that all the group dreamed of doing) so, if that was me, I know I would be extremely pissed. 

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#has nothing to do with it but I feel so strange calling myself exo-L #I keep saying exo fan .___. #anon #ask


Following recent events this year, from Kris’ lawsuit scandal, to Baekhyun’s manipulation scandal, and now Jessica’s alleged drop from their company, SM Entertainment has officially decided to change their name:


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#I'm in between liking this a lot and actually nor that much because SM comes from Lee SooMan #and actually SooMan was quite a nice fella #not perfect but quite nice